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About us

Ukrainian Culinary

We’re excited to invite you on a delicious Ukrainian culinary journey. Olga grew up in a small village near Soledar, Ukraine; the town name means ‘Gift of Salt’ because of its salt mining community. She mastered the art of making mouthwatering traditional dishes. Her family and friends couldn’t stop raving about her cooking! When Olga and I moved to Texas, we knew it was time to share her scrumptious creations with our new community. I’ll never forget the first time I tasted Olga’s Borscht with Lamb and Sour Cream—simply divine and had to be shared! We started with a food truck, and now we’ve got a cozy restaurant serving authentic Ukrainian food that keeps people coming back for more. Come join us and celebrate the warmth and rich flavors of Ukraine’s culinary heritage. We can’t wait to share Olga’s delicious dishes with you!” 

Our time


We all walk different walks of life, and no two same people share the same struggles. Being the foundation to our team, these four hard working women are an example of that. Through the struggles endured, we can still join together and joyfully enjoy a fresh bowl of Borsh. It’s only made with love, when the chefs prepare, eat and enjoy it. 

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